Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wars, Battles and Rewards

In in journey you have a place that you start from and a place that you want to end at. You have to have goals. Otherwise how to you know how you are doing and where you are going?

Long term goals: My long term goal is to be a size 10. That is size where I think I will be comfortable and easy to maintain. Not to mention...look good, because lets face it... I want to look good! That is a huge part of losing weight... yes, getting healthy is all great and everything, but let's be honest, it is nice when you walk into a room and notice a man or woman, whatever your orientation, notices you. I hear Sandra Bullock in my head now... You think I'm pretty, you want to date me... haha!

But if you start at a size 24 and think "Okay, I want to be a size 10" that is sooo overwhelming... don't do that. Set that long term goal, that is your war. Wars are broke down into battles... battles are short term goals.

Short term goals: My short term goal is to lose a size.I have never concentrated on my actual weight, I have concentrated on what size I am wearing. So, the most logical thing for me is to set lose a size as my short term goal. I also usually set a time limit on reaching my goal... this is to push myself... it is purely for me. You do what makes you most comfortable. My current goal is to lose 2 sizes by Thanksgiving... I have reached half that goal. My next short term goal is to lose a size by Christmas and then guess what... I have reached my long term goal and I have won my war.

If you are going by weight, then determine what goal would work for you and that won't be overwhelming... if it is still overwhelming then you need to break it down more. For me a size is about 20 lbs... but that may feel like too much, do 5 or 10 lbs. Make it doable for you!

Reward yourself. For each short term goal that I acheive I buy myself a new pair of jeans... because I need them, but I also try, if I can afford it at the time, to buy myself something special... usually a pretty bra and panty set. It is something just for me, that makes me feel a little extra pretty. I don't always buy them in my current size, sometimes I buy them a size smaller ... something to look forward to.

My reward for when I win my war is a tattoo...

This on the back of left shoulder, but it is going to say   " ... And I simply decided to be happy again".
Because that is exactly what I did. And this will forever remind me to stay happy, no matter what life throws at me.

I think for my one year maintaining my weight loss I want to get another tattoo.

Something like this only smaller on my right shoulder. I haven't quite figured out if I am brave enough to do it yet.

So.. set a long term overwhelming goal... then set several smaller goals and reward yourself when you win that battle. Then reward yourself big time when you win that war.


  1. Good advice here. I really like that first tattoo, it's pretty. I am confident you will reach your final goal by Christmas!

  2. Hey look there - my comment posted! I was hoping it would. I guess you fixed it or it fixed itself!:)

    1. I messed with it yesterday for a little bit, but my friend still couldn't comment... so idk if it is actually fixed or not! lol!